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We're delighted to announce that Exceptional Parent Magazine www.eparent.com is a major sponsor for this year's World Congress on Disabilities Exposition & Conference.

The World Congress on Disabilities, or WCD, has become a defining event in the disability and special needs community and is now in its 11th year.  WCD is very parent-driven, so you will want to consider attending.  It features hundreds of exhibitors, including non-profit organizations and companies whose focus is on products and services designed to help those with disabilities. The conference consists of educational seminars given live by leaders in their respective fields, including medicine, science, government, and non-profits.

The World Congress on Disabilities attracts renowned individuals who support its mission. Keynote speakers have included Tim Shriver, Ph.D, President and CEO of Special Olympics; General James L. Jones, 32nd Commandant of the Marine Corps and former Supreme Allied Commander, NATO Forces; Francis Collins, MD, Ph.D and past Director of the Human Genome Project; Joseph M. Valenzano, Jr., President & CEO of EP Global Communications; Florida Governor Jeb Bush; Jim Kelly, Hall of Fame Quarterback with the Buffalo Bills; General Tom Hill, U.S. Southern Command; Marc Buoniconti, best-selling author of "From Tragedy to Triumph"; Bob Pasternack, Ph.D, Director of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services of the U.S. Department of Education; General James T. Conway, 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps; and Bernard Marcus, Co-Founder of The Home Depot.

This year's conference will be held November 18-19, 2010 at the Dallas, TX Convention Center.  For more information, visit www.thewcd.org . 

Welcome to Danielle's Foundation

Danielle’s Foundation is a comprehensive support and resource center for parents, caregivers, and loved ones of children with cerebral palsy and brain injury. 

Danielle’s Foundation was created to honor the memory of Danielle Vick, who sadly passed away in 2008 from complications of anoxic brain injury. Please read more about Danielle's Story here

While Danielle’s life was short, it was also incredibly inspirational. When Danielle’s mother, Florence, was exposed to the world of special needs children—a world in which therapies and benefits are too often just out of reach, too expensive, or turned down by insurance companies—she realized the importance of becoming an advocate for her child. Though Danielle’s injury caused her to become completely dependent upon others, the fight in her remained strong. And as long as Danielle continued to fight, so too would Florence. When Danielle passed away Florence was determined that her knowledge be put to good use, and she vowed to dedicate her time to help other families who were facing similar challenges and struggles. 

Though Danielle is no longer with us, we take comfort in knowing that her legacy will live on forever. The volunteers at Danielle’s foundation—parents, advocates, and attorneys—are committed to helping other special needs families get the services, benefits, and care their children so desperately need. Having a special needs child goes hand-in-hand with challenges—challenges that can often seem insurmountable.

Our goal is to help you navigate those challenges, as well as to provide help, guidance, and most of all, support. Consider us your partner in advocacy. Contact ustoday to learn how we can help you .

Every parent wants the best for his or her child. For most parents, that means providing an environment in which your child can thrive and succeed. It means ensuring your child is healthy and happy, making sure he or she gets the best education possible, and making sure that he or she is provided the support and resources to live the most productive life possible.

We welcome and encourage you to browse through our website, and please contact us with any questions or issues you may have. Or join us on our message board, where you can post your questions, and receive the answers you need. These posts will remain on our site indefinitely, and it is our hope that it will create a permanent knowledge base which can help many other families for years to come. And finally, be sure to request your copy of our  FREE book.  It covers parents’ rights in the legal, medical, and educational systems, and also includes information on therapies—both conventional and alternative—that can help your child.

Danielle's Foundation is a non-profit corporation registered in Pennsylvania

Address:   One Liberty Place   1650 Market Street, 36th Floor   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103   Toll Free: 800-511-2283