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Share your inspirational story with us!

Danielle‚Äôs Foundation was created by a group of volunteers who wanted to share their experiences, knowledge, and expertise in order to help others overcome the challenges faced by special needs families.  

In the spirit of those beginnings, and in an effort to promote an interactive, supportive community, we would like to encourage our visitors to share their stories with other families.  

Do you have something to share that could help other families who are faced with issues associated with brain injury and cerebral palsy? Have you discovered a therapy or treatment that has really helped your child? Have you learned something about insurance or government benefits that you wished you knew in the beginning? Has technology, school programs, or particular support groups helped your child live the best life possible? Would you be willing to share your inspirational stories with others? 

If you have a story you think could help other parents by educating them or inspiring hope, please contact us to learn how your family can be featured on our website. Remember, by sharing your story you can show others that there is hope!

Address:   One Liberty Place   1650 Market Street, 36th Floor   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103   Toll Free: 800-511-2283