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How Can We Help You?

Immediately following your child’s brain injury or diagnosis of cerebral palsy, you are thrust into a complex and confusing world that feels nearly impossible to navigate. In addition to focusing on your child’s wellness, you’ll also have to deal with issues related to finances, therapies and treatments, insurance, estate planning, and education. These issues go hand-in-hand with roadblocks and frustration. Many parents fight really hard to get their special needs children the benefits and treatment they need, but fail because they don’t know the nuances of the system.

That’s where we can help! We have a knowledgeable team that is by our side for the sole purpose to help you!

Our team can help with matters related to:

• Patient Rights
• Navigating the Insurance system
• Filing Appeals
• Advocacy in denials of benefits and services
• Government Benefits
• Therapies and Treatments
• Medical Equipment
• Additional Funding
• Settlements
• Estate Planning
• Special Education
• Resources
• Parent Support Groups

If your child has recently suffered from a brain injury or has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, our knowledgeable team can help you negotiate the overwhelming issues you are facing, and can help you come up with a plan that ensures the best future for your child.

There is hope. Your child can get the therapies and benefits they need to live the best life possible. Contact us today, and take the first step in securing your child’s future!

Address:   One Liberty Place   1650 Market Street, 36th Floor   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103   Toll Free: 800-511-2283