Suspension of our Grant Program

It is with great sadness that Danielle’s Foundation announces, that due to financial restrictions, we must suspend our operations indefinitely.  We will no longer be accepting telephone calls or grant applications as of Feb 8, 2017.

Meet Zahir!

Grant winner for 4th quarter 2015

Zahir was awarded an Upsee as he needed a way to strengthen his core to walk with his family.


Meet Saintclair F.

1st award recipient 3rd quarter of 2015

Saintclair and his Mom asked for help paying for a stair lift and we said yes!

Conner B. from Ohio

Meet Conner B!

Our final 2nd quarter grant recipient for 2015

Conner, a happy little 4 year old with Cerebral Palsy, got a much needed stroller

Easton G from Illinois

Meet Easton G!

He is our newest grant recipient for the 2nd quarter of 2015

With his grant, Mom will be able to pay for the Out-of-Pocket costs associated with his therapies.

Meet Christopher!

Meet Christopher!

A 2015 2nd Quarter Grant winner

HBOT is the fabulous form of therapy that Mom asked for help with, and we were thrilled to provide it.

Meet Elyza P, 2nd quarter grant winner

Meet Elyza P!

Miss Elyza has been chosen for the 2nd quarter of 2015 to receive some fabulous Hippo and Aqua therapy.

Both Mom and Elyza love doing this amazing therapy.

Meet Ziama, awarded 2nd grant period of 2015

Meet Ziama!

She is a recipient of our 2nd quarter grant of 2015

Ziama L. was in need of more mobility and Mom wanted to give it to her in the form of an Upsee.  We were happy to help!

Marco P. from Miami, 2nd quarter grant recipient

Meet Marco!

2015 2nd quarter grant recipient

Marco and his amazing Mom work hard at enabling his physical abilities to strengthen and adjust to his growing body.  One positive discovery Mom found was the use of Essential Oils when she does physical therapy with him.

Alexis P. 1st quarter recipient of 2015

Meet Alexis!

1st quarter of 2015 – winner of the Upsee

Alexis, a 3 year old from TN, and her Mom needed a better way to get around together, so they asked us for help in getting an Upsee.  She was able to get it just in time for her birthday!

Norvin, 1st grant period of 2015

Meet Norvin!

Awarded Tae Kwon Do in 1st grant period of 2015

Norvin wanted to continue to take Taw Kwon Do to prevent his muscles from becoming more spastic and to keep his self esteem up.  We understand the importance of keeping healthy and happy, so we were thrilled to award him a grant to pay for his sessions.

Alexander, 2015 grant recipient

Meet Alexander!

Alexander was awarded Electrical Stimulation Therapy

His Mom applied in the 2nd quarter of 2014 and was awarded the grant in the 1st quarter of 2015.  He has shown such improvements with this therapy and Mom is thrilled to be able to continue with his treatment.

Elijah T.

Meet Elijah!

He is a 1st quarter grant recipient of 2015

Elijah T. is a energetic little boy that loves to learn.  He was awarded a new iPad and an iTunes gift card so that he could buy the necessary apps that will help him with learning new and wonderful things, as well as help him with his speech.

Meet Zoe!

Meet Zoe!

She is the 1st quarter grant recipient of 2015

Chuck the Therapy Dog was a much needed companion for Zoe and we were thrilled to help!

Javan, winner of PT

Meet Javan!

Recipient of  Physical Therapy for 2014

Javan, a 9 year old from TN, will be able to get the physical therapy sessions that he needs.

Adelaide, winner of the Embrace Watch

Meet Adelaide!

She is a 2014 recipient of an Embrace Watch.

Adelaide has a TBI which results in seizures.  This amazing watch will alert her parents, even waking them up at night, whenever she has seizure activity that requires their attention.

Meiko, winner of Conductive Education Camp

Meet Meiko!

2014 winner of tuition to a Conductive Education Camp

Meiko, a happy 6 year old, will be attending camp this summer to participate in The Peto Institute and their Conductive Education program.

Matthew P, an iPad winner in 2014

Meet Matthew!

iPad & adaptive software recipient in 2014

Mom wants to be able to help Matthew practice what he learns at school and now she can with specialized software and a new iPad.

Michael C., recipient of the AmTryke in 2014

Meet Michael!

AmTryke recipient in 2014

Michael wanted to improve the strength in his limbs so he could go outside and enjoy riding his bike.

Mercy L. ~ 2014 grant recipient of an Upsee

Meet Mercy

A 2014 Grant Recipient of the Upsee!

Mercy has 7 brothers and sisters to keep up with, so she is secured in with an Upsee and hitting the trails with her whole family.

Eddy Jr.

Meet Eddy Jr.!

He is our first grant recipient of 2014

Eddy and his parents have found that HBOT is an excellent way to improve his Cerebral Palsy, so they asked our Foundation for a grant to continue the good work that they started.

Caitlin, iPad in 2012

Meet Caitlin!

2012 recipient of an iPad

Caitlin’s teacher have been working hard with her to improve her communication skills and the iPad was the perfect addition to allow her to learn both at school and home.

Olivia, Wii winner in 2012

Meet Olivia!

Winner of a Nintendo Wii game console in 2012

Olivia, a 4 year old from WA, took her therapists advice to start using a Wii game console to help her spastic diplegia CP.

Andrew, 2012 recipient of TheraSuit Therapy

Meet Andrew!

A 2012 recipient of TheraSuit Therapy

Andrew, a 3 year old with CP, participates in the Bridges Program at The Therapy Place in Columbia, S.C.

Ben, 2012 Rifton Bath Seat

Meet Ben!

2012 Blue Rifton Wave Bath Seat

Ben had outgrown his bath seat and Danielle’s Foundation was able to provide him a new one!

Oliver, 2012 recipient of Anat Baniel Method therapy

Meet Oliver!

2012 recipient of ABM therapy

Oliver takes Anat Baniel Method Therapy for his spastic quad CP and it has helped him with both motor and verbal skills.

Mercy, AmTryke winner in 2012

Meet Mercy!

Winner of AmTryke in 2012

Mercy is a happy little 3 year old who will be able to keep up with her brothers and sisters on bikes!

Lexie, intensive EuroPT

Meet Lexie!

2011 Recipient of EuroPT

European Pediatric Physical Therapy (EuroPT) is a form of suit therapy that will help Lexi strength her muscles.

Jewel, 2011 recipient of PT & Myofascial release

Meet Jewel!

2011 recipient of Myofascial release & PT

“Team Jewel” have been working hard to get her more mobile and independent!

Stacy*, winner of HBOT treatments in 2011

Meet Stacy*!

HBOT treatments in 2011

Stacy*, a 9 year old from Pennsylvania, used the funds to get HBOT treatments and craniosacral therapy.

*Child’s name changed per family’s request.

Julian, grant winner 2011

Meet Julian!

2011 recipient of Hippotherapy

Julian’s grandmother needed help getting this wonderful therapy to help her grandson improve his core strength.

Michael, iPad winner in 2011

Meet Michael!

Winner of an iPad in 2011

Congratulations to 9 year old Michael for being our iPad giveaway winner.

Natalie, Conductive Education and Intensive Therapy

Meet Natalie!

Conductive Education and Therapy in 2010

Natalie is a wonderful 5 year who was born 4 months premature.  She is making amazing progress and we were so happy to help her continue with a grant to Ability Plus Therapy in Melbourne, FL.

Brenna, HBOT recipient in 2010

Meet Brenna!

A 2010 recipient of HBOT

Brenna is a 13 month old with Cerebral Palsy that is excelling with her HBOT treatments!

Isaac, winner of HBOT treatments

Meet Isaac!

2010 recipient of HBOT therapies

Isaac is a 4 year old who responded so well and has improved vision and physical abilities due to these wonderful treatments.

Canaan, a Physical Therapy grant recipient in 2010

Meet Canaan!

Physical Therapy recipient in 2010

Canaan is a 3 year old who wanted to continue the physical therapy that was giving him the skills he needed to move so well.

Noah 2010 Grant recipient

Meet Noah!

2010 recipient of Anat Beniel Method Treatment

Noah received a great alternative therapy that allows his brain to create new neural connections and patterns. Also known as Feldenkrais, this method helped Noah make improvements quickly.


Suspension of our Grant Program

It is with great sadness that Danielle’s Foundation announces, that due to financial restrictions, we must suspend our operations indefinitely.  We will no longer be accepting telephone calls or grant applications as of Feb 8, 2017.

Ryder, GoTo Seat award for 4th quarter 2015

Mom and Dad had to move down from Minnesota to North Carolina in order to get the amount of equipment and therapies that he needs. Mom and Dad travel back and forth to Minnesota to visit family and when they do, they must bring all of the equipment due to his Cerebral Palsy. As Ryder is growing in leaps and bounds, carrying him and lifting him is becoming more difficult.
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The cost of the equipment gets quite high, so they contacted Danielle’s Foundation for some help.  We were thrilled to be able to help! Congrats Ryder and we hope that you and your family get lots of use out of the GoTo Seat.

Meet Zahir, 4th quarter winner 2015

Zahir was awarded an Upsee as he needed a way to strengthen his core to walk with his family. Read More

Saintclair, awarded a grant in 3rd period of 2015

Saintclair is a strong, growing young man who was becoming increasingly difficult to carry up and down the stairs of the home he lives in with his Mom. Read More

Conner B from Ohio

Conner and his Mom have been working so very hard at getting him to be able to walk, and this year he was able to crawl on all fours!   Read More

Easton, therapy grant for 2nd period of 2015

Easton and his parents have been a bit overwhelmed by the amount of help that they have required to get Easton moving properly.   Read More

Christopher needed some HBOT

Christopher’s Mom knew that he needed something very special to help with the Cerebral Palsy that he had just been diagnosed with.   Read More

Elyza P. won in the 2nd grant period

Elyza is able to continue with her Hippo and Aqua therapy. Mom is so thrilled because Elyza loves it so much and it brings a smile to her face each time she goes!

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It is with great sadness that Danielle’s Foundation announces, that due to financial restrictions, we must suspend our operations indefinitely.  We will no longer be accepting telephone calls or grant applications as of Feb 8, 2017.

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