Marco P. from Miami, 2nd grant winner of 2015 (08/19/2015)

Marco and his Mom wanted Essential Oils to help them with the PT they do every day.

Although regular physical and occupational therapies are quite effective, Mom was looking to do more for her son. She discovered that by using Essential Oils, in conjunction with the physical therapy and reflexology that she did each day with Marco, his abilities started to markedly improve.  She studied more about what each type of oils could help with and used them each time she worked with Marco.  To her delight, he started improving faster than she thought!

The cost of Essential Oils can add up quickly, but since Mom could see how effective they were with Marco, she knew that she HAD to continue using them when she worked with Marco.  She contacted Danielle’s Foundation and asked us to help her get more of the specific oils that she used so there would be no “dry period” between the therapies.  We were thrilled to hear how well they were working and knew that if there was a way for us to help, we had to…so, she got a phone call with the good news and they were both so excited!  We can’t wait to hear about all of the amazing progress that Marco will continue to make!

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