Easton, therapy grant for 2nd period of 2015 (09/01/2015)

Easton and his parents have been a bit overwhelmed by the amount of help that they have required to get Easton moving properly.  Because Easton has been taking so much therapy, and since the insurance company refused to continue to pay for therapy sessions until the new out-of-pocket expenses were met, Mom was in a dire situation about how to keep Easton in therapy.  Mom contacted us and asked if paying for therapies that have already happened would be something that we would consider helping with, and we told her that if this is what it would take to allow her to continue the therapies, then by all means we would help.

Currently, Easton and his parents are still working with the therapists that do such an amazing job helping him get moving.  We are so proud to be a part of their journey.  Keep up the great job!

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