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02/08/2017 – Suspension of our Grant Program

It is with great sadness that Danielle’s Foundation announces, that due to financial restrictions, we must suspend our operations indefinitely.  We will no longer be accepting telephone calls or grant applications as of Feb 8, 2017.

12/23/2015 – Ryder, GoTo Seat award for 4th quarter 2015

Mom and Dad had to move down from Minnesota to North Carolina in order to get the amount of equipment and therapies that he needs. Mom and Dad travel back and forth to Minnesota to visit family and when they do, they must bring all of the equipment due to his Cerebral Palsy. As Ryder is growing in leaps and bounds, carrying him and lifting him is becoming more difficult.

The cost of the equipment gets quite high, so they contacted Danielle’s Foundation for some help.  We were thrilled to be able to help! Congrats Ryder and we hope that you and your family get lots of use out of the GoTo Seat.

12/22/2015 – Meet Zahir, 4th quarter winner 2015

Zahir was awarded an Upsee as he needed a way to strengthen his core to walk with his family. Read More

10/01/2015 – Saintclair, awarded a grant in 3rd period of 2015

Saintclair is a strong, growing young man who was becoming increasingly difficult to carry up and down the stairs of the home he lives in with his Mom. Read More

09/02/2015 – Conner B from Ohio

Conner and his Mom have been working so very hard at getting him to be able to walk, and this year he was able to crawl on all fours!   Read More

09/01/2015 – Easton, therapy grant for 2nd period of 2015

Easton and his parents have been a bit overwhelmed by the amount of help that they have required to get Easton moving properly.   Read More

08/30/2015 – Christopher needed some HBOT

Christopher’s Mom knew that he needed something very special to help with the Cerebral Palsy that he had just been diagnosed with.   Read More

08/28/2015 – Elyza P. won in the 2nd grant period

Elyza is able to continue with her Hippo and Aqua therapy. Mom is so thrilled because Elyza loves it so much and it brings a smile to her face each time she goes!

08/26/2015 – Ziama, received an Upsee for 2nd grant period of 2015

Ziama, awarded an Upsee for the 2nd grant period of 2015! Read More

08/19/2015 – Marco P. from Miami, 2nd grant winner of 2015

Marco and his Mom wanted Essential Oils to help them with the PT they do every day. Read More

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